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Tips to Clean Your 16 x 16 Canvas Print

A good 16 X 16 canvas print starts with a good photo but ends with proper care and maintenance. People use canvas prints in order to preserve their most valuable photos. However, you should know that with time even the best canvas print will lose its sheen. Hence, it will appear dull and worn out. This largely happens due to moisture, dust, water stains, and wear and tear. However, you can maintain your canvas and make it look like new.

16 X 16 Canvas Print
16 X 16 Canvas Print

Here are some tips that will help you to clean the 16 X 16 canvas print in the most effective manner.

Use Soft Dusting Procedures

Keep in mind that it is important to dust the canvas print from time to time. Make sure that you use a bit damp cloth. This is because it will be suitable for your cleaning needs. A soft cloth such as microfiber or cotton works the best. Moreover, it will keep you from damaging the item. Also, when you use the cloth, you shouldn’t use the spray water directly on the artwork. You should simply dampen the cloth and thereafter, run it over the canvas print in a light manner. In case you want to dust the front portion, use a soft bristle brush like the ones that the artists use.

Avoid Using Chemicals

If you follow the above technique, your 16 X 16 canvas print will appear perfect. Nonetheless, you need to keep in mind that accidents might happen. Thus, if you have to clean your canvas in some other manner, there are various options available. Keep in mind that harsh chemicals from the household cleaner can do more damage to your canvas print. Hence, you need to stay away from them as much as you can. In case your print needs a deep clean, you should get in touch with an art shop which specializes in cleaning. If they do not clean then you can them to provide you with the details of the professional cleaner.

Hang It in the Right Place

There are some areas which are more ideal for hosting your canvas print for cheap. Make sure that you do not hang it in a humid location like a bathroom which has bad air circulation. If you want your canvas to look perfect for a longer time, you need to put it up in a place which has lower humidity. Moreover, this place should have fewer temperature variations. Canvas printing from 55 printing is for indoor decoration. However, you can use it for outdoor events and parties. You simply need to make sure that you place them inside when you are done with the event. You should avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.

Store the Photos Safely

If you ever plan to replace the 16 X 16 canvas print with some other thing, you need to store it away by wrapping it in an acid-free paper. You can also wrap it in bubble wrap paper. When you wrap the items, you will be able to prevent them from exposure. Moreover, it will also keep dust from accumulating over the surface.

Avoid Wetting the Canvas Print

You might have the best canvas print from cheap55printing but it will not matter if you do not maintain the prints. Keep in mind that your canvas print might be water resistance but is not water proof. Thus, you should avoid placing them in damp areas such as a boat house or a porch.

If you want to have the best canvas print, you need to make sure that you have the best canvas printer. You need to make sure that you hire a printer that is experienced and is not afraid to put up reviews and testimonials of the past clients. This will help you to know about the long list of satisfied clients. When you print the photos, do not forget to check the image resolution as it can have an effect on the canvas quality. Always start with the best picture to get the best result.